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Visible Path Corporation
Visible Path is a Kleiner Perkins funded venture that builds relationship management and social networking software for business professionals. Visible Path (www.visiblepath.com) offers a web-based service allowing professionals to better manage their relationships, and share access to their key relationships within their network of trusted associates. I initially joined Visible Path as a strategic consultant, managing client relationships for all Beta customers and building a consulting practice and team. As part of an eight-person consulting services team, I helped successfully manage our initial client base through our first and second round funding milestones. After the company raised a second round of financing, I was asked to take on product management role, working closely with on-shore and off-shore engineering teams to re-architect out platform technologies.

Ecological Footprinting at Redefining Progress
I spent six months at Redefining Progress, working as a research associate of Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, currently at the Global Footprint Network, I helped to refine the methodology for calculating an individual's ecological footprint - an attempt to assess the environmental impacts of an individual's lifestyle and consumption habits. My major contribution was to understand that the success of the ecological footprint would be as a teaching tool, and that the methodology could be simplified into a thirteen question survey that would highlight the key lifestyle and consumer choices that could positively impact an individual's environmental impact. The result of this insight was a web-survey, initially produced by Redefining Progress, and widely replicated, that has been broadly used as an educational tool in K-12 classrooms, by community organizations concerned with sustainability, and in international marketing campaigns trying to raise the profile of sustainability and climate change issues.

ECOS Technologies
ECOS Technologies was a New York City-based, venture-funded software start-up. From 1999 to 2003, ECOS provided a data warehousing and workflow automation software solution aimed at making the environmental and social components of triple-bottom-line reporting accessible to senior managers. At ECOS, I managed initial client engagements with Beta customers and helped to develop a consulting methodology for engaging with new customers. Following the acquisition of an initial customer base, I was recruited into the product management team to help develop the 1.0 to 3.0 product releases. Working closely with senior management, customers, partners, and our engineering organization, I lead the definition and development efforts for ECOS reporting and workflow modules.

The Sam Park Revue / The Ovalshow
The Sam Park Revue (www.ovalshow.com) was a sketch comedy group based in Brooklyn, NY. Comprised of a set of my closest friends, we collectively wrote, directed, and performed in sketch shows in New York City, as well as produced a number of absurdist short films. Along with its predecessor, the Ovalshow, a short-lived sketch comedy program at Stanford University, the Sam Park Revue spanned eight years and two coasts. During that span, we produced over twenty stage shows and well over one hundred short videos. Strange, charming, funny, occasionally artful, and usually delightful, I have no problem asserting that SPR was genius before its time.

To sample the absurdist aesthetic of the Sam Park Revue, visit:
http://www.ovalshow.com (Quicktime required)
Sam Park Revue on YouTube

The Quiet Quiet
The Quiet Quiet collects essays, travelogues, amateur video and conceptual art projects, and other ephemera that occupies my time and attention. Currently, the blog associated with the website will provide the easiest access to the content hosted there. I also maintain a blog on more "serious" subjects here.