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Hi, I am Ritik Dholakia, an entrepreneur and writer based in the San Francisco Bay area and Brooklyn, NY.

Born in India, raised in Rhode Island, I studied at Stanford University, where I earned a BS and MS in the multi-disciplinary Earth Systems Program, and in the South Kingstown, RI public school system. In recent years, I have worked for a two start-ups, building product management and consulting practices for a social networking software and a business analytics software, helping bring both of those products to market. Previously, I have worked for environmental think tanks and policy organizations. I also have made a number of absurdist short films.

I enjoy and excel at working in small, talented organizations tackling complex and challenging problems. My interests include developing and delivering new products to market, exploring the relationship between economic development and sustainable environmental and social policy, exploring the social, cultural, and political implications of globalization, particularly as it impacts the US and India, and being creative, thoughtful, and funny.

I love traveling, taking photographs, indie rock, rock, and soul music, soccer, eating, drinking, and talking.

For further detail on my professional background, please see:

- My resume, as of March 2007 (PDF);
- My LinkedIn profile;
- More detail on projects on which I have worked;

Also, please feel free to check out:

- http://ritikdholakia.blogspot.com for technology, economics, the environment, politics, and other "serious" topics
- http://thequietquiet.blogspot.com for essays on music, literature, film, and the ephemera of the internet

Thanks for reading,

Ritik Dholakia
March 2007

contact: rdholakia [at] gmail